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August 16, 2007


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Danielle Muit

Happy happy birthday to your hubby and I hope you'll having a wonderful evening!!
Danielle xx


Happy Birthday to your husband. Hope you will have a nice evening.


Congrats!! Hope you have lots and lots of fun! Angelina


I love surprises but only when I organize it ;) Happy Birthday!!!

José (A Dutch girls, with a Spanish boys name!

Congrats!! 30 and handsome! Alway loves his blue eyes!
Hope you are having a nice evening!


HAPPY birthday to you, hope you had some fun girl!!

PROLIX from la Normandie

Joyeux anniversaire!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


Naaah he's not over the hill, he's a sexy 30 year old ;) Hope the evening plans made him happy !

anita mundt

ahh...thirty is such a baby!!!!! i wish i was thirty again!!!! oh he'll have so much fun with a guy's night in!!!
and you can nurse his hangover tomorrow ;)


Jan Connair

I agree with Anita--30 is still wonderfully young. In fact, I thought 34 was the best age! Happy birthday to your husband, and I hope the celebration goes well!


at 30 he's still a "broekie" haha, but I remember I hated turning 30 now I wonder what the fuss was all about, life does start at 40 believe me ;-)


30 and looking mighty fine, no worries DH! Enjoy your not-so-chippendale party tonight!


oops sorry, not all awake yet, it was yesterday!

Amber Ulmer

Happy Birthday to Hubs!!! He's quite the looker darlin!! Those blue blue eyes!! Im a sucker for baby blues... Josh is a prime example! haha Hope ya'll had a GREAT time! xoxo


Happy birthday for your Hubby!!
Mine is going to be 51 - oeps
reading yours is 30, i'm feeling very very old today.
Have a nice day and enjoy!!!


Huge congrats sweety,hope your hubby has a nice b-day!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Corinne, your family is ALWAYS gorgeous to look at!

Happy Birthday to your handsome husband!


Awesome hun!
Happy B-day to your hunky hubby!LOL
Seriously I wish all the best!

And I must say that your banner is the cutest ever Corinne!You are always full of nice surprises!:0)

Nura Keif

Happy Birthday to your dh!!

Breanne Crawford

happy birthday to him! what a great photo!


30th b-day!!! Come on!! I'm 31!

Happy B-Day!!!

Kelly Miller

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!


Happy belated birthday !! to your hubby !
great photo,
love all your photos from Disney, looks like you had a great time !
take care

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