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July 02, 2007


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Nice crocs, and what a cute pictre of you with the bandana! I'm happy Anthony's teacher is away at least in his last days of school - maybe those are the days he'll remember. I hope things turn out for the better for him, and I know I still owe you a reply for your email!

Danielle Muit

wohoo cool brands....my favourite ones ;-) I have the Crocs too and I really want to where them all the time!!


Adorable crocs, love the flower on them.

anna louise

such a cute photo Corrine, love the crocs and bandana!


I can see why you liked the bandana, the design is fab and the color is also.

monique helfrich

That all looks great!!! I guess it was that kind of day yesterday.... we could have met; we were at the Oilily in Noorder Arcade at we got ourselves spoilt at Hiks sport megastore above ;)

Magpie (Jan Connair)

Sounds like a perfect fun day!


Olily! I love this shop... you chose a beautiful bandana. It fits you well and you red crocs are awesome. Very brave of you to go with kids to the city. i dont dare and they dont care ;)
Good for Anthony, atleast last week at school will be a good memory for him.


The Crocs and bandana rocks!
I follow your stories about Anthony and I have the fulliest respect for you as a mother.
I'm a teacher myself and I always love parents who are taking action themselves as well to make their child/children better.
And yes, some children really change if a teacher isn't there anymore. I saw it myself. Had a student which wasn't really working with the kids (kids were slamming each other etc. and she didn't know how to handle) and now I have my own class back with the greatest kids around :) And they love it!!
So there's hope!!! Maybe the other parents also notice the difference now the teacher's away???
Will pray it will go alright!!!


Corien vd Oever

WAUW!!!! I need that Bandana, love the colour
Hugs, Corien


Glad you had a fab weekend!! Cute pics!!

Mandy Ford

Sounds like you had fun shopping! Love the scarf and crocs! :)


Neat bandana !! so cute!


Love your bandana and your red crocks :-) I've got the same with the flowers in fuchsia roze and I love them :-D Have a great week! xox


Hey Corinne! Haven't been here for awhile so I popped in to catch up and say hi! Loved looking through all your projects. Beautiful as always!


You go on you war against those teachers! It is not you! It is them bein under qualified.
Love your bandana... big fan of Oilily!

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