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July 11, 2007


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He is so cute!
I wanttttt.
Nothing better than a cool ugly dool to relax from dead lines...
Yous is just brilliant Corinne,Love it!


What a funny and bright little creature. Great job!

erin yamabe

awe, he is beautiful!!! found your blog via SIS...

thanks for sharing!

Wati Basri

this is cool.....really cute :)


cute piggy ! Sometimes you get so much inspiration from just doing something that is NOT on your list LOL.


WOW, that's so cute!! I'm so afraid of trying to sew, but I really want to. :)

Marcia Hamelijnck

Coolio!!!! :-)


oooh this is soooooo cute!!!! you must have had so much fun making this!!!


Haha.. these are so funny!!! Love it!!!


OMG! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GUY !!!! SO cute and funny!!! LOVE IT ! :)


So so so cute!


bwahaha- so cute!!!


LOL, I always use that phrase with my kids when they do something unbelieveable! Very cool project!

Mandy Ford

LOL :) What a cutie!

anna louise

oh wowo i love this, especially the feather wings!!


Just love it - a pig with an attitude !!

Great job - hope you find energy to all the rest on your list - have fun.


Jan Connair

Love this little piggie's "rock star" belt--too cute. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, which was nicknamed "Porkopolis" when it was first founded, because of the meat packing industry that was so big here at the time. So we have the "Flying Pig" marathon every year, the city once held a contest to decorate huge stone pigs (which still decorate the streets and shops all over the area), and downtown we have some cute little flying pig statues placed at the top of columns to mark the entrance to one of our larger parks. Your little guy would fit right in if you lived here, lol!

Amber Ulmer

girl... like i've said.. you are INSANELY talented and i just love this lil piglet!!!! what a DIVA!! xoxo


lmao..hey..at least you make cute stuffed things when you procrastinate! i usually just lay in front of the t.v and watch cooking shows!


Love your lil piglet....he is soooo cool.

Birgit Koopsen

Ohhh my, this is tooo cute!! and now go back to work!!! :)


hihi, why not?
Very cute!


that is super cute!! i love it, great distraction :-)


OMG! how cute- so creative Corinne, SO crazy creative!!


Oh wow, this piggy is so cute. Are you gonna sell it???

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