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July 19, 2007


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wow! that looks yummy...
your pics look great! love that green background!!!


pics are amazing Corinne!! and so do the sneaks!!


Great photos! I am soooo loving the sneak peeks! Wish I could do the class!

kelly s

what a cutie!
and the project looks amazing!


LOVE those photos!!!! they are awesome!!
Xx Jess


love those sweet sweet scallopes!! they add such a fun element to the book!


Oh I love these adorable photos!!
And sneak peaks...God, I feel so impressed everytime I see your creations,
Wish I could tell you how much I love them in person!

Amber Ulmer

killa project. wish i could make it to the extreme weekend... really far for me though... maybe sometime Ill make it over there! and those shots... just awesome. LOVE them! xoxo


OH corinne, I am so excited. sneak peeks looks amazing and Jadenn is a cutie (good choice for your new wall - perfect backround)


Wow, the sneaks looks great Corinne!!
And the pics Jadenn are soooo lovely!!


gorgeous pics and that album looks awesome!


Owwwww such beautiful pictures again girl!WIll go and look for the starwars lego,maybe i have some...Loving the sneaks btw!


LOVE your new banner!!!

Kelly Miller

Love the new banner and all the other pics!!
I want to know that technique for the cover of the book - stunning!

Jan Connair

Sometimes you can order just a bunch of little Lego mini figures from their website (lego.com). Don't know about Star Wars men, but often the basic little people are available. My kids were all the same way about the men--able to spend hours just making up fantasies and playing with all of the little people and animals.

Danielle Muit

Corinne, I really love your new site LO!!
And the sneek peaks look stunning too :-)


your pictures are amasing.. and I LOVE that technique


Great new banner, Corinne!


That banner is WOW! The other day I was thinking about your blog and your picture and asked myself if you would change it as I saw so many beautiful and new pictures of you lately. Coincidence? I don't know but I do know that it looks awesome!


The banner is fabulous. I'm a big fan of your work.


Fantastic new banner, sneaks look great and the pics of Jadenn are too cute.

Linda Sloterdijk

Great foto`s love the black and white one`s.


Wow wat een verandering, mooie banner :) foto's zijn cool. Ziet er goed uit allemaal

gr Alette

p.s. sneakpeak is spannend, ziet er mooi uit in ieder geval


your creative spirit ROCKS!
check out my blog! something to share with YOU!


The sneak peak looks great, I'm in the extreme weekend.
Congrats with the olw!!!
Hope to see you sometime on my blog.

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