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July 14, 2007


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a selfportrait every day?? wow, that's courageous, sounds like fun somehow though. I'll check your portfolio regularly ;-) not sure if I can handle a pic of my self every day though haha


Can't wait to see them all ! Did you use a special setting or no photoshop ? It looks so different ! Oh and I would go crazy about that key thing if it happened to me.....


Great pic! Not sure I can do one everyday but it's worth a try! Wierd on the keys, but glad you got them back!!


Amber Ulmer

amazing pictures.... man.. lossin your keys is one of the worst feelings!! i locked mine in my car on day but couldn't see them and thought I lost them and was searching everywhere. They were actually under my front seat. so frustrating! xoxo hope today is better!


beautiful picture Corinne! and love that flickr stuff! i totally know how it feels when you CANNOT find the d... keys! luckely for you the boy had found them!


Wat een leuk idee, mss dat ik het voor mezelf ga doen en dan een soort van boekwerkje maken ofzo. Flickr is leuk ik snap er alleen niet zo veel van hahaha

Wat een toestand zeg met je sleutels, gelukkig waren ze weer terug gevonden. Echt vrijdag de 13e dus :)

gr Alette


wow 1 picture a day! that are a lot of pictures hihi.
But who takes the pictures of you? This is a nice picture!

anna louise

love this photo corrine, feel for you on the key front, its such a horrid feeling

Jennifer Stewart

What a FUN idea to do the self-portrait! That's a lot of pictures! :)


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