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June 28, 2007


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So sad abotu Anthony! I'm sending you huge hugs.I love your layout - amazing journaling!


I'm a returning reader of your blog - and I just LOVE your work! You are so very creative! :)

It breaks my heart to read about Anthony - when he says he doesn't love himself. Poor little thing! I hope the summer break will be a good one for him and that you can get him back on track.

It's a GREAT LO you did for OLW! Love everything I see!

Best wishes from
Charlotte in Denmark


What a great page, Corinne. The journaling is beautiful. I can very well imagine that it breaks your heart. Don't we all want our children to be happy and lead a carefree life? I truly hope that Anthony will enjoy his new school. Take care.


The world is such a cruel place....poor thing, I wish I could give him a huge hug...you too...xxxxxxx


I love the layout and hope that the new school is just what Anthony needs and will be great for him :)

Astrid Samuels

Ahhh, that must break your heart. I hope better times come for him, and that you can help him with that.


Oh sweetie, so happy the meeting was better that you expected. I'm sure you will get him back on track, and we should hook him up with Michael since J&C get along well they might too ;). Oh and the lo, good scraptherapy !


My heart goes out for you, corinne and i think about you. I guess summer vacation is a great thing for him. Your LO is amazing. I amazed of your talent to use it and make it your own theraphy. Good for you!


I have tears in my eyes reading this. Wish you all the best.


This breaks my heart and made my eyes teary...
I'm hoping and whising Anthony will be at a better place at this school! Wish you all the best! Thinking of you!


awww poor little guy. The world is such a mean sad place these days. IT is so scary. I love that you are working with him and getting him to say those positive things. That is awesome! I LOVE your page too that is incredible. I will keep yall in my prayers that this school will be the right fit for him and you as well :)
hugs girly I JUST LOVE LOVE your work on here.


Aw sweetie.. this must be SOOOO hard for you... My thoughts and prayers are with you and Anthony...

Gorgeous layout



Oh man, That's really, really hard to hear as a mom. You hope so much for your boys (I have two sons too) that they are strong, they have friends, that they have self esteem... But it's hard once they go to school, you haven't got any control over these feelings of them... All you can do is be there for them and love them...


that layout rocks girl. and wow, you are doing so much good stuff for Anthony! seriously. he must be proud to have you as his mom! and die hard 4, i NEED to see that too!!


My DD had the same problems with friends all through school. It was hard on both of us. But she is amazing now. She just signed with the Marines. He will turn out all good too. I promise.

anna louise

oh corrine, how awful for your boy, i do hope he feels better in himslef soon!

anna louise

oh corrine, how awful for your boy, i do hope he feels better in himslef soon!

Anna Sigga

I love your layout and it shows sooo much how dearly you love your son! I am so sorry to hear that he feels this way - no child should have to feel these feelings. He is obviously loved by you and your family and I hope he will learn to love himself soon. He is a handsome young man that has everything going for him. No matter what others say he can do great things now and in his future. I don't know him but he sure looks like a strong person in my opinion - and with the love of his family he will be unstoppable!!

So I say - Anthony belive in yourself and ROCK ON!!!! It can be hard to love yourself at times but just seeing yourself through your family's eyes should give you all the power you need!


Got your link from SIS...You tell that wonderful little man of yours that school can be a hurtful, difficult time but in the whole grand scheme of his life it will be over before he knows it! Tell him he will grow into an amazing adult who will know the value of not hurting others and that will make him so much the better person! You LOVE yourself Anthony!!! So many other people do!

Nicole Lund

Great understanding Mom + stuggles as a kid = An Adult of character, poise, and empathy.

But its really hard to watch your kids struggle... kudos for all you are doing!


You see me crying... Every child should love itself. poor boy, poor mom. Wish you all the best

denise laborde

You are a great mother. Love at home does help people overcome difficulties in life. Courage! And enjoy movie night ;-)


Just back from 4! We have been watching all the Die Hard movies this week.. I think this one is the best! Come on with number 5 lol

I hope you can find a good school for this kiddo, and that he can start enjoying life again!


Great LO...I forgot about the OLW challenge this time.I must run over there! Take it easy.

susan opel

Oh, so sad! I truly admire you and all mothers as they bring up their little men and women.

But on a lighter note -

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