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June 24, 2007


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Love those Make'nTakes!!!


Hi Corrine, my sister just signed us in for the workshops :-) So fun that it is in Katwijk where my family lives. I'll probably will be a bit jetlagged, flying in the day before! Good luck with Anthony and what you want to do. Takes courage to make a difference for other kids. X


When I read the few entences of your post I knew it was because of Anthony. I'm feeling very sorry for you and him. I wanted to say a little word about it to you last saturday but it was to busy. Doïng something with it will cost you a lot of energy and I think that's what you are feeling right now. ( Is it negative energy?)
Know I am thinking of you.
Me and my daughters enjoyed the make & takes a lot. We went freestyle! What a fun thing to do, but a bit scarry too. It was very busy but what else could we expect of a whole "all inclusive" day. Such a pitty the shopping part was not "all inclusive", it was "een rib uit m'n lijf". Haha.

Caroline Ikeji

oooh. those are the coolest!


o, i hope things will be going very very well with you, Anthony and his new school! and yeah for you for taking this a step further!

love those make and takes, looks beautiful! love all that white space ;)


Hi Sweetie,
I know how you feel, living on edge, probably because you know and feel some nasty stuff (confrontation) is going to happen but just don't know exactly when. It probably makes you nervous and restless am I right?
Good luck anyway! Keep holding on to the feeling things will change for the better soon! I really hope so for you all!
love and hugs

anna louise

hope you are feeling better soon corrine, love those projects, the frame and wings are so cute!!!


So sorry to see you and your family suffer, I wish you all the luck in the world !
Loved your make and take on saturday !


Gorgeous projects, love them!

La Tonya

Love the make-n-takes. I hope everything works out for you soon so you can have some peace.


Love the layouts...so gorgeous!! Hope your son's school situation improves!

Deanna Thompson

Your layouts look gorgeous!!! I am sos orry you haven't been feeling well. Hopefully that goes away soon! Also, I hope that you can get something worked out for your son with regards ti school. I know it must be hard, mt neice is autistic and my sister is having problems with the school system already, she's only 3!
Good luck!!


hope you are feeling better and more settled!!!!

LOVE these pages....your work is so gorgeous and inspiring!!!



Gorgeous stuff Corinne! Thanks for sharing!

Nura Keif

Hope you are feeling better soon. Amazing work there:-D


i truly feel for you girl.
sending some good energies your
way. thanks for doing that
page - lovely. weird to see my
face here. ;o)


Love your work with the stamps from de creatie! Thanks for the inspiration!


Hope your feeling somewhat better. I'm so sorry for Anthony that he had to go through this. And so feeling sorry for you as a mother you must be feeling it double hard. Hope everything works out in the end.

I have had a schoolproblem in the past(very different from yours) but didn't take it further because I got no support from the other parents. Years later they talked to me and said I was right, but I never regretted the staps I took for my son and didn't take for future children. I followed my heart and in the end I think that's the best way to get piece of mind, so whatever you decide hope it works for you.

Love your work, sorry I couln't go to the make en takes.



Love the make&takes!Too bad i wasnt feeling that well yesterday :( Will see you in September!

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