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June 21, 2007


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I looove this Lo with so many photos, full of live!

I shall keep my fingers crossed too for Anthony.

Good luck with your diet!

Kirsty Wiseman

never head of the diet - seems very expensive.
i lose weight better (for free) whilst eating a little more healthy but gor for a 20 minute run every night.


wow- awesome layout!!!!


Girl this is fantastic!!!! Love it.

Petra van Osch

Oh sh.............. So sorry for Anthony as it would be so much better for him if you can tell him exactly what to expect next schoolyear.
You're the one that teaches us that positive thinking is the way to achieve things so that's what I'll be doing for your boy!


do know about that diet. i think all diets work as long as you stick to it :(. LOVE that LO! am gonna vote for you later on!

and so sorry to hear about Anthonhy! What a 'domper'! am sending good vibes your way to let a place come free on his new school soon!!


So sorry for Anthony, this is just not fair! Will keep fingers crossed too.
Amazing LO, as usual...Florence (workshop)


LOvely lo. I will also keep my fingers crossed for you and Anthony. Head up;)


I hope things pan out quickly for school.

The layout is perfect..the paint just frames the photos..love it!

What shade is the green paint?

Magpie 9759 (Jan Connair)

I have never heard of this diet, either. Seems almost too good to be true. I have a friend who loves the South Beach diet. She says it is easy to stick to because the foods are delicious, and she has lost nearly 20 lbs. Like everything it comes down to determination, I suppose.

Love the layout. Will be praying for your son to have a good situation waiting for him for school next year.


I have never heard of the diet, but good luck!
The layout ROCKS, as usual. Just love your stuff, always :)

april foster

I don't have any diet advice except to pick one and stick to it. The most important thing is to be healthy. (i've sold diabetic, cholesterol, and blood pressure drugs, and I want nothing to do with those diseases!!!)

Love the LO! as always


Hope it works out w/ Anthony.
Keep us posted w/ your diet work, please. I've not heard of this one.


fab layout!! and my fingers are crossed for anthony!!


Oh sweetie, things just aren't getting better but I know they will, you & R will make them better for him !
Love the lo, and the diet sounds fab hope it works for you to get the sexy back ;)

Mandy Ford

I looove Thickers too...need to get my hands on the felt ones!! :) Love the layout!


het dieet lijkt super, maar ik kan nergens vinden wat de kosten zijn. Dan is het meestal vreselijk duur.
Wat Anthony betreft, dat vind ik dus echt belachelijk. Op die manier wordt er dus vreselijk met een kind gesolt arme jongen. Ik duim voor je dat er toch plaats voor hem komt Corinne.

gr Alette


keeping my fingers crossed for you that they find a spot for Anthony!Have you tried the Montignac diet?It really worked well for me,but then i got pregnant... :D


Have no experience with this one but did SB last year and that worked very well for me. Beautiful layout, love the different thickers on it.
Will keep my fingers crossed for Anthony and hope you get good news very soon.


my fingers are crossed too


Hmm I'd love to know what your friends say, who've lost weight on the diet. Having worked for an endocrinologist my brain is skeptical, but my hear is longing to hear that Dr Cohen can help me! Tell me more :) Hope you get Anthony's schooling sorted.


ETA: that's my "heart" is longing to hear LOL

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