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May 17, 2007


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whaahaa that last one cracks me up !


Owmy girl,these papers def. rock,you totally convinced me!!Gotta have some :)

Kelly Miller

I just read your post about Anthony's school situation. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this.
I LOVE all those layouts! That scalloped paper is yummy!!
I am also loving the Scrap In Style TV - I believe you when you say it will be the next 2peas. Definitely feels more sisterhoodish (I know that's not a word but I used it anyways :P )
Hope you have a great day!!


I love the LO's but the last one especially as its a game we played too as kids......love the paper....love you!! xx


Oh, WOW! I'm shocked! :-))))
What an honor!! Emailing you...xxxxxxxthanks!


Hi corinne

How nice of you to create a layout about HAGIT.. She is such a sweetie... Love her ..
I think you made her day ;)


Gorgeous layouts btw ;)

Jan Connair

Love the 3 layouts!


Hi! Cool layouts - LOVe those Papers too. Just wanted to let you know - the Creative Imaginations Link leads to the Website of Imagination Project ;)


OH Corinne, I love your LO's. You were quicker than me to use all these fabulous papers from Danielle.
wow..got in them moooood....I go scrappin' *lol*


These are super cute--I love the '2 of a kind' layout the best! : )

So glad to have you with us at SIStv! : )



A comment on your last post, incredible it happend. Can't believe it! Good for you, you're going to the principal! This can't be ignored! Hope everything gonna be alright for Anthony!

Your layouts are amazing!


alecia grimm

Great layouts as usual! I love the story about you and your friend Hagit. I have a friend like that. I wish she lived closer too. Have a great day!

Sarah Rice

Love your layouts! What a cool idea to stamp on the thickers. I'll be doing that all night I just know it. Thanks for the inspiration ;)


That must mean Ascension - That's what it was on Thursday in France, and I know himmelfahrt in German would mean going up to heaven... so there you go! I guess I could learn Dutch, huh? Lovely LOs :)

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama


I just have to say that you have the most gorgeous family EVER! Those men in your life are just beautiful. All 3 of them. :)

And I'm glad that you're at peace with the new school Anthony is going to, though I don't blame you at all for confronting the issue.

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