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April 27, 2007


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hope you'll find out more about the bloodtests Corinne, the not knowing can be pretty annoying.
Trying to figure out what's going on with you an AZ, but can't think of anything, very curious now... take care

monique helfrich

Let me guess! Next season you will be their new mascot....


Ehm...you are selected for the new season of AZ? LOL


How are you feeling today friend?


they are always in my prayers...

I can't wait to know what you are up to with az.. i hope they will be champions ;)

there is so much happening lately on my blog with toots.. i'm getting discovered LOL


Hope AZ will be champion, and I guess you are making a layout-book about this great season for AZ.


I say prayer...


Hope you are feeling better and that you will have the results soon and that they will be good this time. Take care! x Red they story about the boy, feel for the family, i'll burn a candle for him.


Well lemme see - you will be designing their new Jerseys if they become champions?

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