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April 22, 2007


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Hope you are feeling better very soon!


O my, still not feeling any better?! Well i shure hope you will soon!

Nikki Weber

I was sad to hear thngs have not gotten considerably better. Hoping to hear better news soon.


Joke Bach Kolling

Klinkt echt verschrikkelijk om je al zo lang beroerd te voelen. Hoop dat je snel opkikkert.

anita l.

Hope you feel better soon!

Kelly Miller

Ahhhh......I hope you get some answers and feel better soon!!

Corien vd Oever

Jee that's not great, that's awfull. I hope the bloodtest will tell you more. Feel better soon
Hugs Corien


Sterkte Corinne. Hopelijk word je volgende week iets wijzer als de uitslag van het bloedonderzoek binnen is en knap je (met of zonder medicijnen) gauw weer op!


Oh dear :( Doesn't sound nice. Hope you feel better very soon!


Hope you feel better real soon.
big get well hug from me and my son


Hopefully your feeling better real soon!


Take care Corinne. Hope you'll feel better soon!

anita l.

Hi Corinne,
if and when you're feeling better, pls take a look at my blog. I tagged you!
All the best!

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