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April 20, 2007


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Danielle Muit

Those LO's really rock!!
I'm very sorry to hear you're still feeling sick.
Get well soon Corinne!
Hugs Danielle


Hope the docter has something for you,that makes you feel better!!Love all the layouts!These papers from Teresa Collins are awesome!


Those layouts are so cool ! Hope you will be feeling better soon !


I hope you will be better soon!!!! LOve your layouts!!!


*comfort* GET WELL!! Wonderful layouts as usual :) And oh, I just finished a layout with your papers. Hehe - such a VERY cool line! :)


Awesome layouts Corinne...
Hope you feel well really soon...
Sending you some health (could you send me some (Psychologisch) health please?? LOL


girl, you seriously need to get some medicine or at least take some rest to get well :)
love your lo's!! loved them in CmF and the first one with hubby and Jadenn is stunning!!!


Gewelige LO's en geweldig veel beterschap gewenst!!


gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love "monster" !!!
get better !!!!!!


Hope you feel better soon babe.....and thank you...you know what for, I appreciate it all!! xxxx

susan j

Man I'm lovin' your LO's!! Bummer about feeling sick!! I hope the Dr gave you a bit of insight.


Sorry sweety I know you don't feel well but I tagged you on my blog.. Maybe you can list some 7 random things about being sick OOPS


love the new stuff, girlie!

hope you're feelin better real soon!

Adrienne Looman

awww sorry your feeling yuckie still :( no fun! such fun layouts though! I really like the hanging one too :)

Birgit Koopsen

Sorry, to hear you're still not feeling better! Love your LO's though... Hope you get better soon!

Anniek, Netherlands

Heb gisteren CmF gekocht en had je lootjes al zien staan. Ze zijn mooi geworden, echt stoer! Die bovenste 2 zijn ook geweldig. Ik hou van blauw.
Hoop voor je dat er iets uit het bloedonderzoek zal komen wat gemakkelijk te verhelpen is. In elk geval beterschap!


WOW! You're sick and you still churn out amazing layouts like these!

Hope you feel much better!


Cool layouts as always my friend, hope you get better now ?


These layouts are amazing, colourful, creative....

I know you are not doing well, but it isn't reflected on this at all!!!

Love it!

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