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April 29, 2007


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yay 4 revlie!!! ur gonna b busy with those babyvisits corinne! =)
curious about the whole AZ thingy.... will cross my fingers for u


Mhhh - I guess DH promised to buy you something really really cool when AZ wins - LOL


AWW really?? I need to check Revlie's blog right away ;)

I think you are going to scrapbook their whole year of competions OR you are going to play soccer with them LOL

monique helfrich

I know Ray is a huge fan of AZ. So when AZ will be Dutch soccer champion I guess Ray is going to say yes to another baby.... hahahaha..... or to another house.... or to another job..... like a kind of bet!?
About noon we were on the Waagplein and it was already crowded with drunk AZ fans!!! Erik will be in the stadion tonight but I'm glad Wouter stays at home. Beautiful pic of Anthony and have fun with your new lenses.


So I'm not sure if you're "officially married" but I'm guessing you were going to get married if they won (in the stadium)....LOL.

Wow gotta check Revlie's blog, and get cracking on her gift ....

Lovely photo of Anthony !!!


Will you reveal the secret now that AZ hasn't won (I am sorry!)?

Astrid Samuels

What a gorgeous picture of ANthony! I guess now we never no what the secret is about AZ, because they didn't win... Is everybody really depressive at your hometown right now??
Glad you are feeling better already.


i am soooo sorry :(


Jammer dat AZ niet heeft gewonnen!
Wel goed nieuws dat jij je in elk geval een stuk beter voelt! Was er eigenlijk nog iets uit de 2e bloedtest gekomen?
Mooie foto van Anthony. Genomen met je nieuwe lens?


So sorry to see AZ did not win. Hope you will tell us what your secret was when they did win. I love that photo by the way.

Corien vd Oever

Glad you're feeling better Corinne. I think the secret has something to do with scrapping?!!?!?!?
Hugs, Corien


hey girl, glad you have your energy back! that photo of your son is fabulous & i want that zoom lens, too. i have the 50mm f1.4 & LOVE LOVE LOVE it. i use it daily.


I loved your blog! It was a joy to watch your scrapping.


I loved your blog! It was a joy to watch your scrapping.

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