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January 23, 2007


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Astrid Samuels

Hi Corinne,
I love LO! I'm looking forward to the wacky workshops I'll be there all weekend :)


Love your latest lo, the colours are just stunning! Hope things will sort themselves out with Anthony's school and teacher.


amazing mix of red and blue!
just got some of the hambly rub ons'..they are insane-i love them!!!


looking good!! :)

GRatz on youre printer! It so much fun to have one of those. I am still saving for a scanner that size :) And you're right about Karen She rocks!
Good luck with Antony, i have been working on that kind of schools, and somehow not all the teachers understand that every kiddo is different, no matter if they all have the same "handicap". but she will learn, and like she said. He is doing so good. rest will come later.:)

Have a nice day.
*hugs* Martine

Wendy Reed

Beautiful lo!! Woo hoo! Your pics with Karen are adorable! And ummm hello saweeettttttt on the printer!!!


Hi Corinne! Your LO is beautiful! I love the colors and the Hambly overlay! Really great!!
I'm really excited about the workshops at the wacky workshops weekend, i'm joining them!! See you!


Love your color combo!!!!

monique helfrich

I can imagine how proud you are of Anthony's school results. And now you have given her your advice about dealing with his emotions and behavior, you only can give it some time. Just slightly remember her to your advice now and then; changes do need time. Even more time when adults have to change their behavior...

Gorgeous colorful Hambly layout!


Mooie LO weer!
Ter overdenking: heb je er al eens gedacht om een speciaal iemand voor Anthony in dienst te nemen die hem begeleid tijdens het speelkwartier op school? Sommige scholen staan het niet toe, maar je kunt het altijd bij zijn school gaan aankaarten als je merkt dat zij hem niet zelf de begeleiding kunnen geven die hij nodig heeft. Misschien zijn ze wel erg blij met je voorstel. Betaling van de begeleider zou via een PGB kunnen.

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

I love all the bright colors in this!

Anna Sigga

The layout is fantabulous - you gotta love the Hambly stuff!

Anna Sigga ;o)


This LO is so scrummy Corinne! i wish i was the proud owner of some Hambly, but i can't find it anywhere in the UK! i love that you used the same photo in colour and black & white.


Love this LO!!! Ab fab :-D wish I could join your workshop ;-) X Eef


Corinne, this lo is AMAZING!!!!! I loved everything, specially the colors :)

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