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January 24, 2007


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Oh gosh! luckly you woke up in time to realise what you had done. I am always so carefull with such mails. Sometimes to carefull. Almost deleted a mail to the spam box when in fact i was selected to be published in a scrapbook (you are going to be in it too is see so gongrats on that!)

next time better take a strong sup of coffee before you go reading your email ;)

Hugs and kisses, Linda


Fortunately you realised in time what "mistake" you made. Glad to hear that the frauds didnĀ“t have time to buy anything using your bank account/money. I do receive such e-mails too, but I never answer them. Banks and companies like PayPal never ask you for such information. Sorry to hear you are getting the flu. Get well soon!


But they do still have your social security number- can they still use that?


This happened to me a couple of months ago. Now I receive about 20 emails from people claiming to be PayPal every week. The easiest ways to tell they are fake is if they don't use your full name, then it's fake, if you hover over the link with your mouse and it is long and has loads of weird symbols in it then it's fake and also, what I do now, even with some of the real ones from PayPal, I sent to spoof@paypal.com and they reply and tell me if it is a real email or not BEFORE I take any action. I was SOO scared when this happened to me, and like you I just had a weird feeling which I followed up on.

eBay, by the way also have this service. If you receive messages from them you send them to spoof@ebay.com and they will confirm them for you.


Hi Corinne, Sorry to hear you were victim to this. This exact thing happened to me last summer. No fun! I too am sick. Blah............. Hope we feel better soon.


Ow that is one of the reasons why i dont get a paypall or anything. i am too stupid for this kind of things. And then my brains are still at home. One time i got a call from an american company that i won some prices with my credit card, if i please give the numbers, etc... Lucky me i dont own a credit card, but i already grabbed M out of his pocket. He was in time to stop me lol. Soo Good for you, you're brain worked! too bad for al those poeple like me:(. Get well soon girl!
*hugs* Martine


yes, those e-mails just look to real... and they count on people, early in the morning, not fully awake yet, i guess... but i'm warned :)


OK Corrine,
I would comment on the fraud thing but frankly it just scares me too much so instead I'll comment on the pictures of your scrap space! I LOVE it!!! It is so beautiful, very colorful and functional with lots of clean lines. It's just gorgeous. I can't wait to some day fix mine up, I'm currently in a spare bedroom in our house that still has hideous brown carpet and wallpaper from the previous owners. Shhh...my husband doesn't know that I've been secretly hoarding purchases from IKEA with plans of doing the office this summer! What he doesn't know can't hurt him right?


Feel better soon!!I so glad you caught it quickly! I get those about once a month and always just do the big delete but I'm sure they fool a lot of people. They certainly look real.


Wendy Reed

Yup, had that happen to me before too! Luckily I forwarded it to PayPals fraud dept and they said it was not from them.

Scary how crazy and psycho people are out there. Glad it all worked out ok!

Sorry you are sickie too! :o(




Heehee, glad you came to your sences in time~! I know things like that happen, even warned my children for it! Hope you don't get sick!

monique helfrich

Thanks for warning us and Get well soon!


ahh!-good thing you figured it out in time to take the right precautions. I get those emails ALL the time.

Kirsty Wiseman

what an adventure! Something to tell the grandchildren. You will tell tehm "your granny lost her marbles one day in january 2007"


ugh so glad you figured it out before they totally ripped you off :(

ugh ugh ugh

get better soon :)


Good you could change it on time! Hate those things. I also got the email. And it is scrarry how real it looks. You have to check if you pay online if it says HTTPS instead of HTTP on the site, that means you are on a secure encrypted server, those fraud sites don't have that, that's how I noticed when I got the email. XXX


Thanks for the warning, Corinne. How scarey. Hope you don't get the dreaded flu and feel better real soon.


Ow lucky you!I have had that email several time and it looks SO real!


Bedankt voor de waarschuwing Corinne. Mijn zoon kreeg laatst ook zo'n mail. 't Ziet er gewoon akelig ECHT uit!


Oh Corine,
Im so sorry to hear that!
But fortunelly you was lucky enough to fix without major problems just in time!!!
We all always need to be verry carfull with this kind of stuff in the internet ha?

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