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January 22, 2007


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I love your "twist" to the layout. The green is a nice soft touch. I guess this is where we differ, though. You change class layout and I stopped going to classes! I would love one where they teach us the technique/concept, and then let us choose our own products and design!


Love this - and I can totally relate! This is why I did only teach the techniques at my workshops because I wanted that everybody goes home with a layout which is unique and their own style! I know though that there had been people who would have liked it the other way better.


I love your LO, especially the swirls!!
Great that your scraproom is almost finished, I'm wondering how it looks now :)


Hé I do exactly the same.... Maybe not nice to the teacher, but nice for you! And your LO looks like you! And thats what's important.... I think.


Ooh! I like it! Better acutally :) I like to do that too. Not always, but I usually take some stuff from home that I know I will want to add to it when I get there.

Toni *FoxyCropper*

Well, I say if your gonna pay to take a class you might as well do what YOU like. I love your twist on it. I'm the same way... I love going to classes to learn new techniques, but the LO's aren't always my style.

GREAT work as always!



i totally relate this!! be you :)


i love what you have done with this!


Ha, ha Corine what about the workshops you are going to give :)....
(Personally I think that it is more important that you leave a workshop with something in your hands that YOU are happy with. (But I also think that, for a teacher, I'm not the nicest person attending a workshop.... (By the way I'm still trying to attend your Wacky workshops)


Great LO's!


Love the orginal and LOVE the twist you did on it!!! I like the mellow colours too :) Can't wait to see your scraproom :)


robyn bedsaul

Corinne, I love when a student does her own thing (as long as it's not disruptive or holds the class up) Heck, I think it's creative energy at work! Love both your layout and Karens!


I think it's no problem giving it your own swing. Everyone is different, hé!
I like what you've made.


nothing wrong with having a mind of your own girl!! Btw, I'm very curious about this online ws of yours...


she told me you were a bit "eigenwijs" (i'm not sure that obstinate is the right translatio ?....) haha that didn't surprise me at all. I made a cute valentine mini book, will try and show it today. I really like both of them you know, but I must say your LO is really you in your graphic mode.


Pure genius, Corinne !

Danielle Muit

Looks really great! I love the swirls....where are they from??

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