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January 29, 2007


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LOL. Good luck girl getting it all done. So looking foward to your online workshops.


oew busy busy busy,good luck with that!Can't wait for your sneakpeeks!!

p.s.Yes i will show more belly pictures soon,but first the ultrasound tomorrow!!I am soo excited to finally know if it's a boy or a girl!!

Julie @BalzerDesigns

Sounds like you're busy, but happy! Can't wait to hear more about the online classes!


wow girl you are super busy, but in a good way ;) good luck with everything


Hang in there, girl!!

monique helfrich

Take my word too and then you just DO!!!
So I guess I have to say YES next time I'm asked to visit a AZ soccer match... I hate soccer but I'm told it's not only the soccer game but also the crowd/fans/yelling/etc.... maybe I will join in when it's not so cold anymore ;)


No don't skip february it's my birthday this month ;-)

Good luck with your BIG to do list!


ha ha ha..we are not even at february yet..and you are ready for march! oy-sometimes life is just so busy!


no skipping allowed!! Some people would have been jealous off you being so busy with so much wonderfull stuff, just keep tight and enjoy the ride!!

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