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December 20, 2006


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Get well soon!!!

I'm curious off your album!


I hope you are all getting well soon! Hey, I'm catholic too and I also sung in the church choir as a kid! Can't wait to see your album!


get well soon!!last week i've caught this terrible cold. can't wait to see your album!!


Word snel beter meid!.. en natuurlijk ook de kids. Fijne feestdagen!

liefs Martine


wow, didn't know you are a singer also!! can't wait to see your album, and the display thing!


Sounds like a wonderful album-idea! Get well soon! :)


Songs-album sounds great, and hey those pages can always you a bit of snot here and there ;-) Just kidding, hope you feel better befor Xmas!

monique helfrich

I look forward to your Xmas songalbum!!! Because I'm still singing in a choir I even dream of the songs (esp. this week- 6 performances!). Sat.afternoon we're singing in De Rekerheem nearby your home but guess it's a privately one...

kelly edgerton

Corinne - big {HUGS}. I hope you feel better before Christmas day. It's no fun to be sick duing the holidays.

I LOVE the idea of a Christmas song book. What a brilliant idea - and so fun to start this tradition while your kids are still young. I can't wait to see what you've come up with.


Hope you all feel better soon, at least before Christmas. Great idea, this christmas song album, I forgot a lot of words too, had to listen to a bunch of CD to remember :)


You know I can't wait to see the mini albums. Hope you all feel better soon, I'm usually ill during the holidays ....Take care and I hope you get some more sleep soon !


What a wonderful idea to make this book for your kids! I hope everyone is feeling lots better in time for Christmas!

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