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December 21, 2006


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OOOh you're xmas tree is dressed ...... I hope to do mine tonight, some years I'm just so disorganised .... You're cookie looks fab too bad they were so full .... Your "kerst" letters are FAB and I can't wait to see the inside of this great songs album !


Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!!


Beautiful christmas photos and I love the cover of your book!


the angel..is angelic..lovely!
super colors on your album!


those cookies look yummy to me :)
Really like your tree too!!Happy Holidays!!


I love all your decorations! Merry Christmas!!!


It's all lovely!


wow, those cookies look so yummy. I totally understand how that made him feel.. And yes, she should take more care of that! Love all the pictures of your house, it looks great! And that album, what can i say girl, you are the best :)

Wendy Reed

I love it all! Send me those cookies babe, I sure as heck will eat them. :o)


Whoohoo thanks for sharing your christmas pics.. I am getting a bit more christmas feeling Everyday! Hugs. Martine


thanks for having a look into your x-mas :))it's colorful like your los and the amazing song-album!!

Layle Koncar

Thanks for the link! Everything looks great. So fun to see how everyone decorates for Christmas. Your song album looks super!


love the pics!!! Thanks for sharing them!!


Love all your X-mas stuff!!! Cool tree and the cookies looks jummy!!!!

Also a great (hihi also very big ;)) book!!!!


Prachtig allemaal, zo kom je heerlijk in de kerst-sfeer. Prachtige koekjes hoor!



Love all your X-mas decorations and the idea of the song book! I used to sing in the church choir when I was little :-) This evening I went to the same church with my little cousin Luc, so fun to be there again and see all the kids. There always was a song I love, will see if I can google it, great idea! And Thomas loves his moody, will post pics of that later!


Love peeking in on your house!!!

silvia pilger

Wat een goed idee zo'n kerstliedjesboek! Heel mooi gemaakt!
Groeten, Silvia (ik ben het scrapbook-groentje -LOL- dat rechts naast je zat bij de Elsie-workshop in Hilversum)Mooie foto's!


beautiful tree and decorations. Love the new ornaments! How fun would a tree decorated in ONLY those bright colors be?


Love your decorations! Waiting for the album...;)


Can't wait to see the total xmas book! Looks great!


great pics girl! I can see you are in a christmasmood!
Have a merry christmas!!!!

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