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November 30, 2006


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Ohhh - corinne - that must be so hard to deal with. I'm sure you are doing it the right way - my heart goes out to little Anthony!!!


I hope it turns out OK for Anthony and that he will be able to trust his teacher again (you too!). That's what it's all about, he must be feeling save and secure at school!


o this is so difficult. to him it must be feeling like hitting, and than people saying otherwise is very frustrating. good for you you're getting an appointment to get things all sorted out. she can guide him and touch his shoulder, not his head right? she must understand it's sensitive for him! good luck girly

Mirjam Vergeer

Hi Corinne,

Think you did the right thing making this appointment, now I don't know Anthony, but do know that my daughter would get upset if somebody would guide her by her head outside the classroom, she has difficulties trusting people, and this would definately give her a feeling of "invading" her space. Plus guiding and guiding can be two diffent things.
Hope Anthony still feels save with his teacher, it would be so bad if he feels differently since this is a person he sees everyday.
Good luck!

kirsty x

with anthonys feelings - you had every right to be angry at first. even if this was a misunderstanding - the fact that anthony was hurt is your priority. At least you got to the bottom of it and if anything, anthony will be getting a little bit of sweet attention now :)


Hey if that's what it felt like to him, then she should approach him differently ! Good for you wanting to talk about this, she needs to comprehend what the individual children in her class can handle, that way she knows how to approach them ! For anthony, I hope he still enjoys going and I think it's great he told you how he experienced this, that's so important!


I'm glad she didn't hit him, and I'm glad ya'll are meeting with the principal and the teacher to talk about it. Hopefully it will all work out so that your son feels respected too. Good luck!

monique helfrich

So powerless from a distance: school-home!
Now she has been warned, she might be more kind to Anthony! I hope so!


Gelukkig maar dat ze 'm niet geslagen heeft! 't is een nare gedachte dat je kind een leerkracht heeft die slaat. Niet dat het er nu makkelijker op wordt want Anthony heeft het blijkbaar wel zo ervaren. Ik hoop dat hij en z'n juf er samen uitkomen en dat ze wat meer rekening met hem kan houden. Succes ermee!!!


I'm afraid I now what you mean. We also don't hit our child so he doesn't know what it is. Once a friend made a joke with him, put him over his knee (still laughing) and than klapped in his hands at the height of his bottom. So absolutely a joke with the noise as if he was beaten on the bottom. The result whas big tears because he had been slapped on the bottom. Because he didn't know the feeling he didn't understand the joke. So our friend did the same on a grown up and everything was OK.
But I agree with the upper that the teacher invaded his personal space and she should talk about this with your son (and you). And I also wouldn't like it very much if she touches his had with guiding him. Good luck and succes at school,


anita l.

As a mom I know how it feels to hurt for your child. You want to protect them, even when you're not there. I think you stood up for him, as best as you could!


you're doing the right way!! that are his real feelings and for him it was like a bash!!

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

You didn't let him down. You are addressing this, and making sure everyone knows that you will quickly handle anything remotely suspicious. The teacher will be on guard now.. because if it happens again, it's going to look VERY bad. I think you handled it very well. I hate it when things like this happen. Our children are our world, and they are so special. It's unfortunate that the parents are usually the only ones to see just HOW special they are. But it doesn't mean they aren't very special! Good for you for being the kind of mom he can trust to always help him.

Anniek Bebingh

Blij dat ze hem niet echt heeft geslagen, maar ze had wel met wat meer respect met zijn lichaam om mogen gaan! Toen ik je eerste berichtje las heb ik er aan gedacht of het ook te maken zou kunnen hebben met zijn andere manier van waarnemen. Zelfs een zachte aanraking kan voor kinderen met autisme die ook last hebben van sensorische integratie problemen voelen alsof ze geknepen of geslagen worden.
Ik snap dat het voelt alsof je Anthony in de steek laat, maar dat is echt niet zo hoor! Ben benieuwd wat Anthony oppikt van het gesprek a.s. maandag.


You haven't let him down. your still working on the situation... hugs ...still sending you prayers and light.


This is such a tough thing. As a teacher, I'm betting she didn't intend to hit him...but maybe just more force than either expected. I have had times where I "sat" a kid down in his chair...and then worried that maybe he would have taken it to be more than I wanted/thought. It's so hard...good luck!!

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