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November 28, 2006


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uhhh - this looks soooooo awesome!!!
My thoughts go out to your friend as well!


That looks AMAZING!!!!! Thinking of your friend too :(


I love the bright colors your using and ofcourse your pict on it!
Feeling sad too, thoughts are with Anita..


This already looks awesome. Am curious to see the rest.
My thoughs go out to your friend, wishing here lost of strenght.


sooooo curious to see the whole LO!
I hope all turned out ok yesterday with the teacher. I hope the truth came out.
Lots of strength for you and your friend with this big loss.


i can't wait untill the whole get inspired kit is shown!


Looks great, can't wait to get the kid! Sorry to hear about anita's sister!

alecia grimm

Way cool project!! And I ma so sorry to hear about your friend's sister. My heart goes out to her family. Take care.


I'm so sorry about your friend's sister. They will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

I just got Photoshop 7.0 from my dad who never used it!! ??? I'm learning but can't wait to be able to use the many features it has to offer. I just know the basics now and hope DH gets me a book on it for Christmas!!


Just stopped by to say hello. So sorry to hear about your friends sister.


hoho!! i'm a little bit curious!! it looks promising!!

and my thoughts go out to your friend too!!

p.s. i've got the starry felt. if you're still interested please email me for trading-contact ;)


ok you've got me hooked, I ordered the kit !
If ever I need a photo popped I'll just ask, don't go telling me all this technical stuff I, not a photoshop genie ....LOL

hilde janbroers

loved how you made the leaves of the flower with that paint! great!!!


i have had the lucky chance to see these all in their bigger glory. too too delicious for words


love it Corinne! and just read your previous post on the teacher-thing. if it is true (which i guess it is!!), the teacher must be punished SOOO hard. seriously. in that position you have to control your emotions at any time!! hope it all turns out well girl! he sure doesn't need this! and you don't either!


the sneak peaks make me very very curious Corinne!!


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