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October 27, 2006


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Mirjam Vergeer

Hi Corinne,

Sorry to hear you are feeling down, hope it is nothing too serious and hope you are feeling better soon.
I am quit a fan of yours and been wanting to ask you some questions for quit some time. I will start with just one in case I am not the only one ;-))
Besides color and fantasy I admire your work for the honest and warm journaling you do... How do you do that? When I write something (mostly about a serious subject, the adoption of our daughter, or her birthdefect, cleft lip, palete and jaw) it looks so ''flat'' I would like to say so much more,
but it just does not seem to come out on paper :-((
Do you ask yourself some questions before you start journaling? Or do you start right away and write what you think?

That is it for now!

Groetjes, and feel better soon!!

Michelle Tan

Hi Corrine..

Just dropping by to say a hello and to send you big hugs. Hopefully everything will be ok again for you soon.

I've lost my mojo too!! :D

Have a great weekend ahead!!


Hey Girl,sending you you lots of love and hoping you get your mojo back really soon.I have to find mine too :D

anita l.

Hi Corinne,
hope you get back into the "groove" again soon. I also have a question: Do you get inspired by other scrappers? Who for example? Just curious to know.


I've lost my Mojo too!! Autum is a time for changing, not only in the nature ;)Hope everything is going better for you soon!!


Same here, it must be in the scrappers stars this week... or something...
But hey, now you ask for questionis, i do wonder how you make you photo's pop out with contrast (like the black and white photo of Joy for example)... Groetjes Mandy


if i could i would send you a little of my mojo...i hope you´ll feel better soon!


Haai Corinne, ik herken het helemaal!! En ik moet zeggen dat ik dat vaker heb als de kids vakantie hebben!
Je kunt gewoon niet de dingen doen die je normaal wel kan doen...
Gelukkig is het nu alweer vrijdag, dus hopelijk voel ik me maandag een stuk beter en jij ook!!

Groetjes, en sterkte!


Hi Corinne, Sorry to hear you lost your MOJO. Haven't lost mine, but can't find the time. Wanna swap?

Here are some questions:
- What's your favorite product?
- What's your favo color? do you use in every LO?
- Do you have a plan when you start on a LO? Or do you go with the flow and add a bit of this and a bit of that along the way?
- In other words: do you play a lot?
- Do you have a QK or other die stuff? I can't remember seeing it on your work, so I guess not, but ...
- Do you have lots of orders from clients? How do they find you?
- When something is 'working' on your LO, do you tend to use it again in following ones? Or do you try to do something new every time?

Which do you prefer:
- photo's: black/white or color?
- handwriting or font?
- chocolate or candy?
- summer or winter?
- Sinterklaas of Kerstman?

Hopefull you get your swing back quickly! (TIP: put on your favorite record, play it really loud (don't mind the neighbors for once; they're at work right?) and start dancin' ... act crazy, use the whole room ... shout, scream and enjoy ... it might work ... it will at least make you laugh ... do it quickly ... before the boys are back from school ...


Hi dear corinne, I am so sorry to hear you are feeling down, just remember: learn! (you know what I mean!)I really hope you will feel much better soon.
It must be tough for you to deal with everything at the same time. Good luck girl! O and the dancing idea of Irene might just work!!
My question: what is a true challenge to you? I love purple and pink colors so my challenge is not to use them! I find red a difficult color to work with as it is not my color (I am an aries so it should be!). Freestyle or Elsiestyle is difficult for me aswell. Is there anything you think is difficult to you?
Sending you lots of love and positive energy and a big hug


Hoi Corinne,

Ik wil wel eens weten wat jouw camera instellingen zijn. Je maakt allemaal superfoto's. Die blauwe ogen enzo geweldig. Ook het omzetten naar zwart-wit. hoe doe je dat?



Just wanted to send big hugs and hope you get your mojo back soon and that all your problems go away!!



Hey Girlie, I'm down too - oh well! Sending you super big hugs, positive vibes and Find-your-Mojo-Wishes!


I'm not down at all, love it when the kids have vacation! So here are some good thoughts coming your way! Hope you feel better soon!


Just sending you lots of love, and hugs!!!!!

Q: How and when did you get into scrapbooking:)


sorry you are feeling down.....maybe we should start a club!! :)
shame we cant all arrange a scrap day....I could do with some MOJO too!!!


I'm sorry to here that!
I'll send you some ------- *MOJO* ----> at your way!

Hugs and kisses!

p.s Good Q, Love to read the answers!


hello Corinne,

It's the Fall, we all feel a bit down when leaves fall off trees...

Ik heb een vraagje, hoe doe je dat, in een designteam komen? Ik hou van de stijl en uitstraling van De Creatie!!
(maybe it's a dumb question?)


Jammer dat je je zo down voelt. Toch moet je weten dat je een hoop fans hebt...jij inspireerd mensen met je LO's.
Ik hoop dat er snel wat op je pad komt waardoor jij je weer happy voelt!!!
* wat zal je niet snel gebruiken -techniek/materiaal- met scrappen?
* welke techniek heb je gedaan en lukt je echt niet?
* waarom gebruik je vaak weinig foto's op een LO?
* waarom maak je weinig dubbele pagina LO's?
Groetjes en kop op meid, Susanne


must be the wheather girly, hang in there, you'll find it back (the last time it was near the bathroom right??)


Sorry to hear that. I'm glad for you the vacation is almost over. I hope you come out of it soon. Lots of happy thoughts and hugs, right your way, if it will help. Take it easy and have a nice weekend!


Hope your week is getting better. CHin up!


you didn't lose it, it's just a bit snowed under because you're rythm is off this week due to the vacation. My question :Can you find it back before the 17th puleeeeeaaaaaase .... ?? But seriously maybe you just need a few days off an d then you can't wait to get back in the saddle ! don't worry and big hugs from hoofddorp !


Ik ben ook erg benieuwd hoe je nu in een design team komt en... wat doe je nu precies als je er in zit?

Hope you'll feel better soon!


my question is (just for my withdrawel symptoms).. when will you be back in action?!


*hugs* from florida :)

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