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September 17, 2006


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what a heartful thing to do!!! Such a cute little face! You are so right, we are really lucky with the things we have and our healthyness. We should keep that in mind more often! Hugs


well done, we used to have a fosterchild years ago, seeing this makes me think that I should do this again, thanks for this wake-up call!1

xx Brigitta xx


Thats WONDERFUL!!!! We have done that through our cell group at church. Its an amazing experience and its so easy too help in a childs life :)

you rock dear!!!!
love ya


you go Corinne!! Good for you! And congrats on the 'heart' page for CK. I knew instantly when i saw your sneak preview it was gonna be published :)


What a sweet thing to adopt that young boy!I will check out that website!And congrats on your heartlayout!


I think your deed is really awesome. Amazing how such a little amount of money can make such a big diffrence in someone else life. Yesterday I had to think of what you said when someone asked for my help with money and I glady gave it to him. Thinking, for me, it is money for scrap suppliers and for him, it is maybe bread for his kids.
Good for you, corinne! :)

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