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September 29, 2006


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Brigitta Tuik
peasname: Craftsgirl1965

oh my gosh Corinne, this is soooo beautiful!!!! I love this new line.

This challenge is awesome and I will do my very very very best for this one!!!!!

Can I send in more than one LO?


Cathy Pascual

I happen to have a photo of my husband picking a cherry from the tree in our back yard!! And the prize looks yummy! Thanks Corinne!

Cathy Pascual
2ps name: cayla73


i already have gotten a great rak so i pass this time. but just wanted to wish everyone good luck and this line just looks so great! Looking forward to everyones entry

Astrid (Assie70)

Wow Corinne these chipboards look awesome!! How generous!! I think I will give it a try, gosh now I have to think about cherries yummie :)

Astrid Samuels (peaname: Assie70)


oh meis! WAANZINNIG!!!!
wat een SUPER RAK!
Ik hoop dat ik tijd heb.. ergens dit weekend


Hallo Corinne, een kers...........eeeeeeeeh. Nou ik ga het in ieder geval proberen. Je vind me vrijdag terug op two peas onder tatatata Liezbeth.

Ik heb gewoon overal dezelfde naam.LOL.


That looks great Corinne! And the contest is fun! a cherry huh? :)


Let's give a try1 The RAK is really worth it... I've a great story about cherries!

groetjes van monique


BTW = monique helfrich ;)


COOL,i will do my best!!

Fauve van Maanen



Wat een gave spulletjes! Ok, now I only have to wait for some cherry inspiration. Very cool contest!
Marguerita Suddaby

Ellemieke Laman

OK, I'll give it a try.....
Hopefully I'll find the time to make a nice lo, next Thursday I'm going to Elsie in Lelystad!

Peaname: Ellemieke


hoi corinne

effe in nl
ik heb een peanaam aangemaakt (hih en dat heb ik aan jou te danken!! ;-) )
pea: Maithe1976
en hopelijk heb ik tijd eens iets ineen te flanzen als beginneling
Cherry -- is echt een goed idee
als kind was ik er dol op en nu nog steeds
Maithe aka Vanessa aka Maithe1976


wow what an awesome RAK! I'll definitely give it a shot, everything looks so good!

Francine Clouden
peaname: raggafran

Connie van der Wouw

Hello Corinne,

Ook ik ga de challenge aan en ben erg benieuwd hoe het nu verder verloopt.

THanks Connie

Zoobies big sis

ok- here I go.
Sarah Coleman
zoobies big sisis my peaname

Trish Harwick

Wow!! I LOVE these new lines! Such an awesome RAK! Now, off to make a Cherry Layout!

Trish Harwick


What a fun idea ... and REALLY YUMMY Products :-) Well ... I'll see if I can come up with something according to the toppic ... I'm tempted to give it a shot :-)


:) Very fun!!

Joy Jaeger


All the Cherry looks yummy! :) Hmmm - do I even have pictures with Cherries...:) Thanks for doing the RAK! Fun!


O.k., sounds like fun!:

Lilian Schneider
peaname: liliandutchscrapgirl


This sounds like fun ! Never took part in something like this but why not give it a try ?
Barbara Haane
pea name: scrapbarb2004


Cool! This should be fun!

Jen burbank


Oh too cool :)

Jenn Metzger
peaname: jennmet

Kim F 267

Kim Frantz
2Peas Name: 267

Very generous of you! Love those colors!

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