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August 30, 2006


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Wendy Reed (WendyReedPea)

Yikes, But seriously... you still look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle Bogdanovich

It's great to hear all went well. I can't imagine getting shots in the face...what a nightmare. I am sending good luck vibes for a quick healing. D


Oh girl you look after yourself. Big hugs. xoxo


Wow,it must have been painfull!!goodluck with the healing process...


The shots are always the most painfull thing... but he.. you know what you are doing it for!


Pfieuw meis, dat is niet niks.... maar je zal er straks wel goed uitzien denk ik!
Succes met helen van de wonden!!


I hope you heal very quickly!!!

Susan J

I agree with Wendy. How do you still look stunning? You have the most gorgeous eyes (and no I'm not a lesbian)!!!! LOL Not that there is anything wrong with that. Too much Seinfeld.

Hey you got a toot on Adrienne's blog too.


meid wat hebben ze je beet gehad zeg! Ben zo blij dat ik dat niet heb! Maaarrrrr als het goed is, is volgende week er al bijna niks meer van te zien! En kun je wennen aan je nieuwe gezicht! Ik hoop voor je dat alle "ellende" snel achter de rug is!


wow, I hope you heal very quickly

kelly edgerton

OUCH! Here's hoping you feel better soon. Those should heal up nicely - last year my dd had a large mole removed from her arm and today the scar is barely noticable.


you are gorgeous!
sorry it was painful.. hate shots!


Glad to hear all went smoothly! I too photoshop out little things I don't like, usually clean up my eyebrows if I forgot before taking the picture..LOL...Shhhhh...hehe.


Wow! I'm still sending ya love!!!! Your gonna love it though after the pain goes! hugs love ya


Oh you poor thing ! I hope it heals very quickly, there is a special sort of creme available in the pharmacy, makes everything heal better, did they tell you that at the doctors ?


ouch - i nearly can feel the hurt.
hope you'll love it after healing and forget the pain!


So glad it all came out okay and you're on the mend!!



Ouch!!! Hope you are feeling better soon!


Heyyyy Corinne,

Goh joh wat heb je nu gedaan hoop dat het geen pijn meer doet.
Ben weer na een tijdje op je blog en ik moet zeggen we hebben toch wel even les gehad van een internationale bekende scrapper. Gefeliciteerd meis en tot gauw .

Atie xxxx

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