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August 29, 2006


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kelly edgerton

Best of luck with your surgery, Corrine. I will be thinking of you today. I think it is great that you are going to have the moles removed, not only because they bother you, but for health reasons too. If they keep growing, that is not a good thing! Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.


Good luck to you, Corinne. My husband had that done a few years ago and it was a good thing! I'll be thinking of you!



Wow,that's not a small thing,good luck!!


Here's wishing you a very safe surgery. Can't wait to hear that everything went well...Danielle


lots and lots of luck!!


Hope all goes well, take care !
grts, D@nielle


Good for you. Good Luck and quick recovery! Be brave, Nili.


Good luck, Corinne.


Good luck. xoxo


Good luck!
It is great to have these opportunities nowadays!


Succes meid, en groot gelijk dat je dat laat doen!! Zou ik ook doen....... denk ik....


Good luck with your surgery!


hoi corinne ik hoop dat het mee gevallen is en dat het allemaal goed gelukt is! Geen "ge-photoshop" meer op je toet!!!

Lisa Guidry

Best wishes Corinne. Please post a follow up because I have some that I am worried about on my neck and arm. :)


good luck sweetie!!!


Good luck Corinne! Thinking about you.


Good luck! Thinking of you sweetie!

Terry Bayer

Hahaha! LOL @ the no no boob job! That's basically cosmetic surgery at home - you take care of yourself before letting others do it for you. Good luck on that surgery you're doing! LOL!

Carolin Rieffenberger

Terry mentioned something good here. You take care of yourself first. There's always smiling, right? That, and it's you who knows your body parts the most.

Jacinto Hukle

There are moles that are considered sexy when placed on a particular part of a person’s face. However, there are some which needs to be removed. Some might even be at risk for cancer. Anyway, it’d be nice if you have posted a before-and-after photo so that people can see how the surgery had gone and how more beautiful you have become. ;)

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