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August 22, 2006


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Wendy Reed (WendyReedPea)

Love ya babe!!!! :o) Keep up the great work.


i love your mini album- it´s great!


Looks great, that album... where can I see it at 2Peas?


Can I say OMG another new secret ... I hate secrets hehe but I can sure keepem .... So here I will be waiting for the reveal.
WOW on the weight thing ! I've decided to return to the gym starting thursday ...
Cute book, lovely and summery for sure ! Oh btw getting lots of compliments on the mini album on 2peas, these are of course also for you !!
grts, D@nielle


Awesome mini book! Secrets...UGH lol ;)

You'll going to loose that weight in no time ;) You look great right now ;) So when you loose all the weight you just be a total hottie ;)
love ya

Susan J

I bet you got on the DT for Scenic Route!! Am I right?!? LOL

Good luck with the weight loss. Can you lose some for me too? That would be great.


You look FAB! Congrats on the weight loss and your secret!! Beautiful album.


You are brave, and strong and so deserving of being healthy and happy. I know we don't even know each other in person, but I'm proud of you anyway!!!

robyn bedsaul

Corinne, you are a special and beautiful person! I too need to lose some poundage! This is the absolutely heaviest I've been ever except during pregnancy. When the kids start back to school (Monday) it's walking time for me! I'd be interested in hearing about that Netherlands diet!

cool mini book and can't wait to hear your secret!

Anita Mundt

glad you liked my book design enough to use it corinne.

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