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August 21, 2006


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Great family photo ! btw I hear great things about SB diet, had colleagues that were doing it. Have a good workout, I still haven't been ....
grts, D@nielle


Hey Corrine,

Heel toevallig want vandaag ook begonnen met Sonja Bakker dieet en....3 x per week naar sportschool! Vandaag kids weer naaar school, wel leeg zonder hen hoor. Maar ook wel lekker, uiteraard meer tijd voor scrappen. En leuk familie kiek zeg!!

scraplfs Kirs xxx


amazing how much Anthony looks like your Dad!!!! love the picture you took of that fish, fantastic colours.
As for SB, I've made a start as well, does this mean we're all going to be fantastically slim???!!!!

Brigitta xxx


you know, this pic is fun, because we believe that the man printed on the t-shirt is kissing the little boy!!!

too fun!


photos are awesome!
good luck on the diet :)


Great pictures!! Hope you do well with your diet!

Wendy Reed (WendyReedPea)

You are so stinkin cute!!!!

And fab shots!


beautiful photos, Corrine!


Beautiful photos!!!


Fabulous pics! Love them both! :)
You are beautiful!


love the photos! Hope you had fun at the gym ;)

Erika Martin

What a great picture!!! Good looking family!!!

That fish pic is fantastic!

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