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July 13, 2006


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chris jenkins

finding your mojo in strange or funny places these days are we? just kidding. you rock girl. congrats on the contest and dude you should totally go for the SR DT.

take care~


Love the new pages! You would be a wonderful designer for Scenic Route and they obviously like you so GO FOR IT!


yeah you for finding your mojo.....

Revlie Schuit

haha, you cleaning and finding your mojo? What are the odds.. :)
Love you winning al these contests my girl! Something tells me your '7 vette jaren' are about to begin and make up for the '7 magere jaren':)
saw your lo irl, and looks pretty darn good!!


Awesome LOs again!!!
And I think you should definetly go for the SR-DT-Call!!!!


Très jole page avec ces papiers Rouge de Garance.
La page JOY est excellente.


Great LO's!

Kelly Miller

Beautiful!! I'm glad you found your mojo again!
Senic Route is my favorite too - can't get enough of their Charlotte collection! :)
Have a great day!!!


Congrats on another win..and the LO's are beautiful! The new rub-ons look really amazing. Yummy stuff :)


awesome los
so jealous you won HS goodies but happy for you too!! :)


Wonderful layouts again, Corinne ! So glad you found it, the mojo, perhaps I should clean my toilet more often*lol*.
BTW, that layout of yours in the August-CK, left me open-mouthed, so many photos , awesome work !!


Woohooo found the mojo! You should put your name in for their DT...you'd ROCK on it ;) hugs


WOW!! Corinne wat geweldig. Al die winnende dingen, wil ook wel eens zulke mooie dingen winnen hahahaha
Je hebt weer prachtige LO's gemaakt, schitterend.

gr Alette

susan j

OMG I am so glad you found your mojo again!! That crazy LO is FREAKIN SENSATIONAL. Well, so is the JOY one too btw. LOVE your stuff Corinne.

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