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June 18, 2006


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chris jenkins

that's awesome Corinne!


How cool is that, watch out or pretty soon you'll be asked to give workshops in Germany (better brush up on your german ;-) ). BTW are you still giving crops at home on friday ? Would love to come sometime (not that I get much done at crops but I always enjoy them)! gr, D@nielle


Corinne, that's really awesome! You are SO going big places in this scrapbooking world, you know! Have a great day!



This interview is great ! What a cool thing, and even translated in German ! The world is full of little surprises sometimes and it is about time your amazing talent gets noticed everywhere!


It was so much fun and really interesting to do this interview with you! I so hope that I will meet you some day in person!


So now you are officially famous. I agree with Sophia, you are on your way, baby!


cool interview! just remeber us little folks when you make it big!


Very Cool!!! Learned some new stuff about my dutch scrapbooking friend ;) hehehe!
Awesome interview!!!


WOW!!! How does it feel to be such a celebrity???

Astrid (Assie70)

How good for you! Enjoy your fame :)
Fun that you showed your first LO!

groetjes Astrid


very exciting and very cool!! i'm off to check out the link!


this interview was really great!! like to see more of your creative work!!


Your first interview... that's so cool! Your first LO.... well, what can I say... *LOL*

alecia grimm

Man! YOu have a gorgeous scrapbook room!! I just looked through your album. Awesoem first layout too! Great interview.

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