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May 17, 2006


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chris jenkins

the book is so good - here's hoping that Hollywood didn't muck it up

happy scrappin!


I just started reading the book last night and I am over half way through-I hope to finish it tomorrow. :) I agree it is such a great book. cant wait to see the movie this weekend


I actually haven't read the book so I was thinking of just going to the movie .... I just can't find the time to read books and I have loads waiting for me ....
Too bad you've nothing you can show, but hey I have ;-)
What will you be doing at the SAG ? I'm going all weekend so I'm going to look for you so I can say hi ....


I have NOT read it....hmmmmmmmmm

Elsa Arce

I definitely know what you mean. I haven't read Da Vinci Code but I did read Angels and Demons and that was a great book. Dan Brown is awesome. I am now going to read Desperation Point, also by Dan Brown. I am definitely going to read Da Vinci Code. TFS

Wendy Reed (WendyReedPea)

I haven't read the book.... I HATE to read!

Shon & Mike both read it and LOVED it! Going to the theater this weekend to see the movie... Shon is reading the prequil book now.

Wahhhh.... totally NO fair! It should be me scrapping with you.



I liked the book too. But I'm still on the fence about the movie, like you are.


I love the DaVinci Code too and also want to see the movie. I heard this morning that critics are panning it but how bad could it be with Tom Hanks?



so looking forward to the movie! with tom hanks and directed by ron howard...looks good!

Revlie Schuit

Corinne, heard the movie sucks, so DON'T go. books are always better (that's my honest opinion :)
He, I'm on S-a-G Sunday also!! Maybe we'll meet!! I'm there with a friend. Morning doing some serious shopping, afternoon workshopping :)

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