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April 17, 2006


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Good luck on your last day. Bring your camera so you can remember the day you quitted your job and started a new life! Have fun!


Emine Pala

Hi Corinne

What a beautiful pictures.. Especially the of you... What a gorgeous eyes..



Those pictures are fantastic! I can't decide which I like better b&w or color - I like both for different reasons.


Wow your last day! Congrats!
Love that photo! They both rock. Love the heart in the sand one as well. I hope to get some of those when we go to the ocean in June. Cant wait! You have gorgeous eyes girlie!

Michelle W

gorgeous!!! love those photos!


Love the photo's and although I'm usually a b/w gall I'd have to say the color. I think because of the bright colors that are making your eyes pop !

Wow you're last day, tommorow will be strange I guess ! Hope they make your last day a nice one !

grts, D@nielle

Wendy Reed (WendyReedPea)

YAHOOOOO, your last day of work! So awesome girl!! Congrats....

Now your pics are beautiful, man if your camera does suck.... I can't wait to see your pics with an awesome camera.... and if you didn't photoshop your skin, you have incredibly beautiful skin!!!



Congrats on your last day of work!!! And man, you have gorgeous eyes!!!! :)


Congratulations on your last day of work... i mean your job LOL... even a SAHM has to work ;)
Love the coloured photo most! And I love the way you photoshop; I think I'll start reading the phs-manual this evening...

groetjes van monique


I would say I like the conversion, but you all have such stunningly beautiful eyes, I'd hate to miss the color in them.

Enjoy your last day of work!!!


Have fun on your last day!!! Great pics!


WOW awesome pics.


He meis het zit erop :) :) Lekker gevoel zeker of niet :)
Mooie foto's en zwart wit of kleur ik vind ze beide mooi.

gr Alette

Mary Jo

Congrats on your last day of work!!!


CONGRATS on your last day, your wish finally came through! You deserve it!! Wow, those pics are all amazing. Love all of your eyes. Blue, green and O so bright!!! I love black&white better because I love all my pics in b/w... But damn... those eyes!!! So than you should go for color ;)


so........ and how was your last day? Enjoy tomorrow!!!!! I'm betting it'll feel different already!!

I like your foto's...... the b/w is beautiful, but the colored one is more powerful.


You guys still have Temptation Island? We had that a few years back and then it didn't get the ratings to do another. I LOVED IT! OMG, I'm jealous! Your photos are beautiful.


Oh I love the black and white conversion very very nice.


great photos. I think I like the photo in b/w the best.

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