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April 30, 2006


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Wendy Reed (WendyReedPea)

#1. Wish we had a day like that! Love the buttons...

#2. Cheyenne is totally adorable and beautiful...

#3. I would so go for the Digi Rebel, you can't go wrong...

That's all, now back to chat with you!



wow look at all those rockin buttons, you lucky girl ;)

oh cheyenne is gorgeous, love the pictures!

Emine Pala

Hi Corinne

I am so glad you found a place for Elsie's workshop...
The buttons look GREAT!! You will do very beautiful things with it..

Cheyenne is SO SO SO CUTE!!!


Nancy (N@ncypea)

Haha.. totally know what you mean.. LOL!!!! And.. those buttons rock!!! Think you will be able to make a lot of amazing LO's with those!!! Have a great day!!!!! Nancy


Hi Corinne,

What a sweet babygirl!
And you got a spot a the Elsie workshop, good for you!
Also went snoozing at koniginnedag for scrappingstuff. I went home with some lettergames. With little letters for titles and so on. Few weeks ago already got the buttonbox from my mom, so I have alot, nice aren't they the old buttons.
Have a nice sunday,

Astrid (Assie70)


hey Corinne,

Gelukkig dat je alsnog naar workshop van Elsie kan!!! Wanneer?? Hopelijkl op zondagochtend in rotterdam, want dan ben ik er ook.
enne lieve foto's!

scraplefs Kirs xxx


so happy you are going to see Elsie.


great pics! and what a score with the buttons!

Kip Mitchell

I LOVE the black/white shots Corinne! That last one is to die for!!



Oooo, I'm a Nikon girl, so I have no clue about the Canon - though I do own a tiny digi elph to keep in my purse...so I guess I do straddle that line! What lovely photos! COOL.

Elsa Arce

Congratulations on the new camera. I have the Canon Rebel and its my baby, totally love it..

BTW, great pictures. What a cutie!


BEAUTIFUL pix! Love the button steal and I'm so glad to hear that things are working out for your nephew! I'm trying to do some catching up today on email and blogs. It's good to see you again!



Beautiful pics!!! Great score on the buttons!


Beautiful photos of the baby, she looks so fresh and new!

Toni *FoxyCropper*

Beautiful shots Corinne!


Those buttons look great!! And what a little cutie he is!!


Cool Corinne, you have some rocking buttons! Love Queensday. We were in Amsterdam... But I never saw any buttons... only drinks :)
Love Cheyenne, to cute!


At least you got to go looking for some stuff, I am jealous of the buttons can you tell ;-)
Lovely baby ! And good you got into an elsie workshop, i saw the anouncement of xtra workshops.
grts, D@nielle

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