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April 25, 2006


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And think of me!!! I'm the other one who forgot to sign up. After my great relaxing weekend with my guys I totally totally forgot. Corinne, we really must buy two hamers and hit each other. With the World Championship of football it should not be a big problem to obtain them (the big orange balloon ones I mean). After the fight we can still scrap our way out of this stupid mistake ...

You are right there're worse things than missing a workshop by Elsie ... but would be so very nice if we could still go ...



Emine Pala

Ow Corinne... I was just on time to sign up for her class on saturday 2 p.m in hilversum...
I don't know if you know it, But
I have a problem... If it's not solved then I won't be able to take the class.. If so, I will give it to you...

But I HOPE and PRAY that I can go...


Revlie Schuit

Hi Corinne,
So good to hear Anthony and you all are doing so good!! So good of you to get some help!! And for the Elsie workshop part... i was darn lucky. Found out about 23.30 i forgot to... but as a miracle, i uploaded the page again, and just could sign in...Haha, I even got it confirmed. Maybe someone gave their space up for somebody else, and I took it...Hope hope you can to. Just keep checking the site!


ooh sorry you missed out on Elsie. BUt things have a way of working out like they are supposed to.

Mary Jo

Sorry you missed her class :( Such a bummer!!
But you are right about family. So much more important!!


Oh no Corinne, you know I thought I missed out on it 2 weeks ago and then I found out I was too early. I was giving a workshop but my dh was enrolling me and I got in saturday morning @ 10.00. Can you bellieve the workshops were full in about 8 minutes. So revlie you are a very lucky girl to get registered so late !!!
On a better note, great that Anthony is responding so well to the help and that you are at home ! All well worth it ;-)
Congrats on making it to the next round, I'm following it every round !

grts, D@nielle


Sorry you're going to miss her class!!! I'm actually going to one of her classes in May here in Florida-come on over for it!!



I'm SO glad things are going well with your little guy. Sorry about the class. I do stuff like this ALL THE TIME! :)


Corrinne, I have faith you will get into the class. But you are right, the important thing is the positive direction your family is going. And WTG on the challenge!


Sorry about the class!!!


Oh no! WHat a bummer :( I hope a spot magically opens up for you!!!!


I hope you are able to jump in somehow. I bet you will.

Scrapbook Survivor?? You have an awesome chance of making it all the way!


Hi Corinne,

Sorry to here you forgot to sign in for Elsie workshop. Don't come here to make you jealous, but I have a spot on friday. I almost forgot it too, lucky me I thought about right on time. When something coming between (what I don't think...), I will be thinking of you. I read they will be asking Elsie to do more workshops... so mabye then you have a change.
But the best thing is everything is going so good with your son, that must be a good feeling. That is the most important!
And again congrats on the survivor contest!
Bye Astrid Samuels


sendin good vibes that they let you in anyway!!!!

Caroline Ikeji

oh no! that stinks!
hope they let you in anyway :)
and your scrapbook survivor LO was awesome!!!

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