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March 31, 2006


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Wendy (WendyReedPEA)

Wow... Wendy is really great, isn't she!!!

Bwahahahahah... looks fab girl!!! Very clean and of course you have that rockin pic of you!!! And of your awesome scrap room.


Anita Mundt

ok...i'll go first for a RAK!
this is a link to one of my favourite LO's...
it is special for two reasons, my last 5 years has been very trumatic for me in lots of ways...and this LO marks i final understanding of my life and marks the beiginning of a change. It also is special because it is one of the LO's that got me a place on the SBA DT :)
great that you finally got this blog up and running corinne


Ziet er prachtig uit Corinne. Heb hem gelijk bij mijn favorieten gezet. Heb (nog) geen link. De enige LO's die ik plaats staan in de uitdaging van Pien.
En verder ligt mijn scrapplezier vooral in de CJ's.

groetjes en veel succes met je blog en in de scrapwereld, Liezbeth.


Prachtig nieuw blog!! Lekker fris:D Geen link van mij,ik vind de layout van Anita niet te overtreffen:P


Congrats on the new blog, Corinne! I love it...and how sweet of Wendy to help you out with it! Can't wait to see more!

chris jenkins

the new blog looks great Corinne! WEndy was so nice to help get it together.


love the new blog Corrinne!!

here's a link to my favourite layout. It's all about me and my dh, our differences and the things we have in common that make the differences unimportant.


Kip Mitchell

Ohhh, I LOVE your new blog!!!! It looks wonderful!!


Revlie Schuit

Hi Corinne,
Je blog is supergaaf. Wat een onwijs mooie foto zeg! Je bent echt superfotogeniek. Ennuuhhhh das niet vanwege de RAK, haha. Die Anita dus echt verdiend na haar verhaal gelezen te hebben, maar dat terzijde. Mijn fav is 1 van mijn laatste. Sanne is heerlijk creatief. En ik laat haar lekker creatief zijn. Als we thuis zijn, in haar ondergoed, ongewassen, punkyhaar, gelijk aan de stempel. Heerlijk, lekker kind zijn. Niets moet.


Hai Corinne,

Wat heb je een super mooie, nieuwe blog.

Gr. Helga


I love the picture at the top! I don't have too many of my layouts uploaded..but her is one of my daughter at the zoo that I like...I like the colors in it, and just the expression on her face in a few of the pictures.




Ha Corinne,
Wat een mooie blog pagina heb je. Ik ben een tijdje terug ook eens op je oude blog geweest, die vond ik ook al erg mooi maar nu is het helemaal geweldig!
Over mijn favoriete lay-out hoef ik niet lang na te denken, ik heb namelijk zojuist mijn eerste lay-out gemaakt. Hij staat in de gallery van Pien onder de Uitdaging van maart. Hij heet 'Life is what happens to you while you were busy making other plans'. Dit is een quote van John Lennon en op de lay-out heb ik foto's geplaatst van zijn monument in Central Park en het Dakota Building waar hij werd neergeschoten destijds. Deze foto's zijn gemaakt tijdens mijn vakantie in New York vorig jaar.
Ik wens je veel succes toe met deze blog, ga zo door!

Amy Coose

The new blog looks great! I really like the tulips...they're my favorite flower!

This would have to be one of my most special LO's:


I love it for lots of reasons: One, it's about my kids, which are my heart and soul, and two, the pic just captures them so perfectly.


Claude Campeau

Hey Corinne! Love the look of your blog! I think the banner is really nice, and I love the white background (like Wendy's!)

Anyway, this is my favorite LO b/c is journals about how fast my son is growing... He will be 2 in May, and I just am not ready for that, so it's very special to me! http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=794979


Hi Corinne

Wow what a wonderful blog do you have!! I hope that you will write every day!! I want to share a page that I recently made for the (21) day challenge of Rhonna Farrer... This is NOT a scrapbookpage so it's not that beautiful but the meaning is really BIG! http://eminepala.blogspot.com/2006/03/day-3-god.html

I will come and check your blog out EVERY DAY... So make sure that you post EVERY DAY! LOL!



Hi Corinne!

Love the new blog - look great! Here's my favorite layout: http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=746111
My dd always cried at birthday parties, even her own so it wasa really big deal when she didn't cry at her own 3rd birthday party. Well, big for me anyway!! That, and the fact that I think it's really pretty!!!


congrats on the new blog.


Hi corinne

I'm back again LOL! I just want to tell you that your studio is AMAZING... WOW...
Wish I had one like that!
Where did you bought that "thing" on your table?? Looks awesome...



Hi Corinne! Your blog looks fabulous, love it! And I just LOVE your studio, WOW!! Here is a special layout about my oldest son and his sense of humor. Special to me because I am the same way, and we are always pulling practical jokes on eachother, FUN!! Have a great day!
~aimee ferguson~


Um duh! Forgot the link, here it is:

~aimee ferguson~

Elsa Arce

Love this blog. Love your banner. Very nice.

I'll post a link when I get home. Let me take by behind back to work. LOL


This is a fun RAK. This is my favorite lo. It is a page I did about my father who died last year. Funny stories about his life, and a lot of the reasons why I miss him. I love the pictures and the journaling.


Try this, the last one didn't work. sorry


your blog is beautiful!
i'm posting my most recent layout. it's about the friends i've made doing the march layout-a-day challenge. i just love and value these women so much!
have a wonderful day!

sarah h

Ooh! I'm so glad you got a new blog!!! I love it, and will be visiting often!!!

Here's the link to my current fav: http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=817330

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