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September 05, 2007


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Superbes ces pages vraiment magnifiques!
Bises JO


Loving those layouts girl!


These are over the top layouts. Congrats on the weight loss. It's not easy losing weight. Have a wonderful time at the beach.


Enjoy Katwijk. Congrats on OLW! they said it and they are right...you are more than deserved. I love your pure layout - beautiful!! c u on friday :)


wow ..your work is totally breathtaking sister !!!!!!!
look out ill be stalking you for sure .


stunning work once again! Have fun in Katwijk and positive vibes coming your way :)


so gorgeous and poetic layouts,will think about you next wednesday Bye Chantal

Marcia Hamelijnck

Coolio layouts! Especially love the blue and red one with the baby :-) Nice color combo!


keeping fingers crossed and sending positive vibes.
have a great week-end and huge CONGRATS for the weight loss (inspiring!)


Wow, these layouts look really cool!
Congrats with the weight loss!
Have fun this weekend!


Hi Corrine, super leuk dat jullie naar Katwijk komen :) ik ben gisteren gearriveerd! Zou super zijn als het weer mooi wordt, tis nu koud en nat....maar ja ik ben ook verpest met dat Cura├žouse weer! Het gaat gewoon goed komen met Anthony en zijn nieuwe school, ik zie hem al helemaal in zijn kleine klas zitten met een hele goede leraar erbij :) XOXO en tot snel!

Nura Keif

Gorgeous photo of you and layouts!!


Super coole LO's Corinne, ennuh ben even op je flickr geweest, coole foto's van jezelf :)

gr Alette


Ik zal duimen voor Anthony, het gaat helemaal goed komen zeker weten

lfs Alette

Birgit Koopsen

Have fun, fun and fun this weekend. Forget the worries for a while and enjoy yourself!!! Wish I could be there!


stunning pages as always corrine!!
say hi to lucy and have a fab time!!!

Kirsty Wiseman

just checking in my freind, have fun with luce xx


I love that last layout with the picture of you, it's simply stunning! I hope things work out for your son. I will keep you in my thoughts.


Bonjour Corinne !!
So coool LOs love them all !!
Brigitte from Australia :)


Bonjour Corinne again !!
no no...they are not cool LOs ...they FREAKIN FABULOUS !!! LOOOOOOOVE THEM !!!

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