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June 29, 2007


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Love your peeks. They look gorgeous. Love the RG paper and all the colours.



Rizzo is cool.. Bettina Koeman..is that person who told you that still your friend? LOL


oooh, so cheeky with the peeks :), they look great x

anna louise

love the sneaks corrine


Gorgeous sneak peeks!!

Magpie (Jan Connair)

Hah--Corinne, I have been trying to figure out who you look like from the picture on your blog for months. And when you said you thought you looked like Rizzo from Grease, I thought, "aha--that's it!!!" You look a little like her, esp. around the eyes.

Leah Buckley

ooh those sneaks look lovely!

susan opel

Rizzo from Grease - I TOTALLY see it!

The peeks are YUMM! Happy Friday to you!

april foster

awesome sneak peeks! can't wait to see the real thing!


Love all the sneak peeks! I can't wait to see it WHOLE. :)


WOW! Looks really cool, you tease! lol


loving the sneak peeks :)


Peeks are fun!

Bianca Alonso

Yummy sneak peeks ;)

Meredith Taylor

Those look so cool! Great sneek peeks. I'll have to check out the workshop info!


Well corinne... A miracle happened... I booked the WHOLE Extreem weekend... I will be there Promise... Can't wait to meet you and to take your class...

BTW: If I could sleepover at your house i would definetely choose for the scraproom LOL


monique helfrich

hahahahaha you're so much fun! Do you already have a picture of that Beetle cabrio ;)


I love the color!! can't wait to see more ;)

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