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May 07, 2007


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Wow! Your scrap room looks great. Love the bright colors, the little baskets, Clip it up and....well, everything. Have a nice day!


Hoi Corinne,

Wat ziet dat er schitterend uit!
Wou dat het bij mij er ook zo netjes uitzag, want als ik scrap is het hier echt wel "a complete mess" :-)

By the way, ik heb je getagged, kijk maar even op http://creanijn.blogspot.com/2007/05/getagged.html



Your scrap room is gorgeous! Love the green bin on wheels, wish I could find one of those!


Love the scraproom. In fact, I'm quite jealous!!! Beautiful happy colors, lots of neat organizing tools (Clip-It Up is a genius product!), and the colored Buddhas! How could you ever be in a bad mood sitting in this room?


Your studio is awesome. I love the clipitup and wonder if it is the same one that you had all along in your other studio photos? Thanks for sharing you space...cant wait to here about the large format printer.
Bises, Denise


love that shade of green you have goin' on!
the framed piece on your window sill..did you create that? it looks so pretty-would love to see a close up!


wow aren't you nice and tidy ! Love your room, have seen something that would be perfect for it hmmmmmm


wow this looks really lovely!!! what a fantastic room Corinne, I do have an available room, but just thinking of all the work it would need to be turned into a nice scraproom scares me no end, so for now I'll stick to scrapping in the livingroom


Your room looks wonderful!


Awesome Corinne, love the colors...and I have to say I love the acrylic stuff you have to hold you mags ;)


Awesome room.. I am SOO jalous... I need to fix my ATTIC... It's a HUGE place... MMM, yeah i need to do it ;)


Stefanie A.

Just awesome! I am getting ready to move into a space of my own so this gives me great inspiration. Thanks!


WOW! I wish I had a room like yours. Great room, with great stuff. And very, very tidy. Good job girl. Love, es.

Angelique de Vries

Wow ! Well done ! I didn't finish mine yet...


your room looks great, and ain't that Clip it up just fantastic, thought it would give me enough place to hold the "few" alphabets I have, but I think I need an extra one soon LOL.


Today I saw the colorful Boedha's at Xenos. I liked them but didn't know what to do with them. Your buying the lot is the solution! GREAT! And it's so tidy ...


Today I saw the colorful Boedha's at Xenos. I liked them but didn't know what to do with them. Your buying the lot is the solution! GREAT! And your room is so tidy ...

monique helfrich

Wow, your cleaned scrapspace asks for a lot of scrapping!!! Can I have a look tomorrow? see you :)


I Love it!
I love the colors, I love everythyng!


What a beautiful scraproom! So much space, so much stash, so much fun. Thanks for letting us peek into your world :-)


Awesome room!! I think I need another Clip It Up base as well! They are so great!

Kelly Miller

HOLY COW!! Your room is so nice and organized.......I love that clip-up thing....definitely need to get one of those :)

It's Not Easy Being Green

Love your room! Love the green! It's my fav! Especially the green chair! Love the magazine holders on the wall! But one question. What does the 23 mean?


WOW! Why have I never seen your blog before! Your stuff is beautiful!! Where in the Netherlands are you? My mothers family is from Kerkrade. Off to add you to my blogroll, I so don't want to lose your link!!


Wow, you have patience! I wish I could get my things that organized! I LOVE those three dogs!!

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