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February 19, 2007


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Oh boy - I so cannot wait for the workshops!!!!
I hope you are not getting sick, Sweetie! Keeping my fingers crossed or thumbs pressed as we Germans say ;-)


hope you feel better and cant wait to get a hold of some of your new paper ;)


this looks really promissing Corinne!!! I'm sooooo curious!!! take lots and lots of hot coldrex and you should be able to fight of that cold, been there seen it done it ;-) still sound a bit nasal, but I can live with that ;-)


I am so excited about the workshop online but I think I could not make it because my son needs the pc at night.
I love your new papers I hope they arrive soon!~!
I can not wait to put my hands on and publish it on the Maya Road site!!
Please stay with us and stay healthy!!!
Love Greetje

Birgit Koopsen

Hope you feel better soon, took me almost 2 weeks, bleeehh! Enjoy your papers :)

Danielle Muit

Get well soon!!! And the sneek peaks all look so exciting....can't wait till March 3rd ;-)


i'm at the middle of my cold!! you're not alone ;) get well soon!!
can't wait to see the whole layouts!!


Feel better soon!!!


Feel better soon!!!


Feel better soon!!!


Lookin' good!


Hope you are feeling better soon.


love the sneak peeks Corinne, and i so so missed the weekend :(, next time you'll plan it after my pregnancy ;) i'll be there!!


Like those sneak peeks!! Hope you feel better soon! Oh, I saw your line at an online store here in Canada, forgot which one, but you're being sold here too girl!


get well!! love the sneak peak!!!


Beterschap meis, ziek worden is altijd maar niks.

gr Alette


Hey Corinne,

Your layout is great! A great sneak peak! I've checked out your scraproom too and I have to say I love it! It's practical and nice. I can imagine you like to spend your time there!

Have fun creating more paperlines for us! The one you already created looks great!


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