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February 26, 2007


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celine navarro

honey, i'm already doing the happy happy dance to meet you this weekend! YAY!


Ahh, what a cute little guy.


That is too cute.


That is too cute.


Wat een leuk monster Corinne, had al op haar blog gekeken maar kon geen monsters vinden. Maar deze is lief!!!
Wat uniek zeg een scrapster uit Israel, spannend :)

gr Alette


ah - she makes the cutest monsters ever!


OMG, how cute is THAT little monster?!


how cute that Jujuba is!!! and way cool, al the way from Israel, she's going to have on your workshop!!


Jujuba is so cute ! And I can't wait for the weekend, looking forward to meeting Hagit too (actually I have a colleague with the same name, such a cool lady ...!)


Oh, she's so super cute!!!


What? what? what? I'm so happy to hear this surprising news, and on the other hand terrified, because an airport strike has been announced, and it will start on Wednesday. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that this one ends quickly like all the previous strikes - they have about 40 hours to strike before my flight! Fingers crossed!


too cute! I can relate on the tax thing..thats what I'm suppose to be doing now LOL

emine pala

Hi corinne

Ít's so CUTE... I love it...

BTW: 2 days left.. I can't wait to find out what you have planned with your online classes...

Can't you post it EARLIER??LOL

Have a wonderful day

Adrienne Looman

OMG that dude is SO cute!!!! Lucy is a doll isn't she? I could not believe she was sweet enough to send me one too! Almost made me cry how nice it was! lol. Of course.......that could also be considered being too emotional haha. I'm a girl--it's ok lol.

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