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February 23, 2007


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Anita Mundt

it's nice that you still keep in touch after all this time! as for hair colour..i just painted mine today too! maybe you should go for something really funky!!!


i think red looks good on you!! beautiful pictures, and hope everything went well with your mother corinne!!


I want to color my hair again, but I really don't know what color! LOL


i canĀ“t scrap at home anymore so I am looking forward to tonight

greeting the other corinne


Glad to hear everything went ok with you mum, I'll keep my fingers crossed the 13th.
It must have been a special visit you had today. I scrapped a picture of a boyfriend who is no longer with us the other day, felt good.
Think you should try dark brown with a red glow for your hair, think that would look good on you.

Peggy Severins

I am happy to hear your mom is doing well, hope you will get good news on the 13th of March. Have a great weekend.


How great that you still keep in touch!!
And I have to say on the hair color - RED!!! (hee, i'm partial)


Good to hear your mom is fine. Hate the cancer, already lost way too many people from it. Hope it will be good news!

emine pala

i'll pray for your mother corinne...



Oooh I'm getting my hair done tuesday and I'm thinking something totally different tooo (maybe not colorwise though). Can't wait to see what you get done.
Hope you got some scrapping done and of course your mom has been in my thoughts and will be until the results come in.

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